Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's movers and shakers

Whilst the Aussie market is trading sideways and still attempting to stay above that 4650 level, there's definitely a lot of money to be made in the smaller cap stocks with most days now showing some top gainers with share price movements of 40% and above.  Stocks that come to mind include Northern Uranium, Orion Metals, Avanco Resources and Peak Resources.

Today Avanco Resources received much attention today with it's announcement 'Iron Ore Project Update'.  Whilst there was information confirming the receipt of the initial payment from Vale for the Trindade North project the announcement also detailed the conditions of the purchase of the project all of which we have heard before.  Those that read the announcement more closely would have come across the statement "pending drill holes assays are expected soon, with abundant copper mineralization having been already logged for many of these holes. The Company is anticipating to be able to report further results in the coming weeks." in regards to the drilling completed at the Rio Verde Copper Project.  The shares finished up $0.026 to $0.096 on volume of a massive 306 million.

Galaxy Resources (GXY) had a nice little spike in it's share price before the company decided to put it's shares into trading halt.  The company is due to provide an update on the Mt Cattlin project and future financing arrangements.

Capital Mining (CMY) showed that anything rare earths is still the flavour of the month by surging 33% to $0.12 after hitting a high of $0.15.  The company copped a speeding ticket from the ASX for it's efforts.

Finally, I recently mentioned Apollo Consolidated (AOP) in a post regarding how it could be one to watch however had reservations about the number of shares that would flood the market (issued to Patersons clients).  Well, it appears that the overhang of stock is easily being soaked up by the market.  It also appears that the Patersons clients aren't selling the stock down but rather drip feeding it into the market.  This is evident today with nearly 35 million shares changing hands and the stock only increasing by $0.002.  I dont think it will be too long before it really starts to move.

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