Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dragon Mountain Gold - Return of Capital?

Dragon Mountain Gold (DMG) today made an announcement that they were selling off their only asset, the Lixian Gold Project for a consideration of $175 million.  Whilst Dragon Mountain Gold does not own 100% of the project being sold they estimate that of the $175 million that their share of the proceeds will be $150 million.  DMG currently has a market capitilisation of about $93 million.  It makes you left wondering, what's the catch?  Investment opportunities like this do exist even, this one to the tune of $57 million.

Following the news the share price opened at $0.47 before racing to an intraday high of $0.495.  Surprisingly, the stock only finished up $0.02 to $0.41.  I think that this can be explained by the fact that there was a few insiders on this one that have made a quick buck and sold into the early strength today to take profits.  After all, the stock has increased from about $0.29 late last month.

Whilst there is a few hurdles that remain such as approval from shareholders, Chinese government and Australian FIRB (a little strange considering the asset is in China) these hurdles seem like a formality. 

DMG has hinted at completing a return of capital to shareholders.  Superannuation Funds will be hoping it is a tax effective structure whereby a chunk of the return of capital is a fully franked dividend.

I expect the share price to appreciate as we lead up to the key dates.