Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Small Cap Snippets

I'm amazed about how much interest there still is in Northern Uranium (NTU).  The fully paid shares have now gone ex-rights and the rights are trading under the code NTURB.  For those that follow the stock don't forget to watch closely for any arbitrage trading opportunities between the rights and heads.  Also interesting to note is the forever changing share registry.  Not long after Areva confirmed it had exited it's position so to did Mineral Resources (MIN).  Since then we've also had Conglin Yue (from my research he seems to be a private individual investor with many other holdings) show his hand after accumulating a 10.92% holding.

This morning I tweeted about Batavia Mining (BTV) and that it would be one to watch today considering it's form yesterday.  Definitely a leaky ship.  The company went into trading halt this morning before trading commenced and it will announce exploration results soon.  It's neighbour, Western Desert Resources (WDR) announced drill results from it's Roper Bar Iron Ore Project yesterday with little fanfare.

Finally, Avanco Resources (AVB) had another case of 'flashing' or fake bids earlier this morning.  The games in this one have been prominent the last few days.  'Flashing' involves showing fake buy or sell orders to incite other traders into placing orders and therefore triggering trading.  The stock had numerous large buy orders in pre-open this morning which were cancelled before market opened.

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