Saturday, September 4, 2010

High Risk, High Potential return in real estate shell

For those that are interested in a possible high risk investment in real estate from the ground up may like to take a look at Olea Australis (OLE).  The company used to sell olive oils however has disposed of all assets relating to this and are evaluating new opportunities for the company with a highly likely bias towards commercial real estate.

The company has just over $1.5 million in cash on hand and a market capitilisation of approximately $2 million so we're looking at an extremely high risk, potential high return sit-and-be-patient-type investment.  Things are slow going at the moment which is evidenced by the fact the company has been looking for alternatives for over a year now (although they were close with one business proposal which eventually fell over).  In recent times the company has announced the appointment of Tony Pitt, an experienced person involved in numerous other initiatives for mergers, company wind ups etc to maximise share holder returns.
You need to also take into mind that when an asset is found there is going to have to be a capital raising too. 

As always, trading/investing in shell companies is high risk and I would only ever invest money in such companies that you can afford to lose.  Shares in Olea Australis last traded at $0.003 yesterday.

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