Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today's roundup

The market closed up for a second day in a row today with the S&P 200 up 24.4 points to 4532.6 after being up 57 points earlier. It appears that the bears still concerned about Greece took opportunities to sell down into the spike.
A raft of juniors were up off their lows after the market sell off in the past week. These included Bannerman Resources (BMN), up $0.03 to $0.25 and Greenland Minerals & Energy (GGG) up $0.07 to $0.615 on good volume of 2.1 million units.

Murchison Metals (MMX) and Gindalbie Metals (GBG) were both strong after in an interview the QR National (QRN) CEO advised it would invest in the Oakajee Port and Rail project should the existing partners not be able to complete the project. MMX as a partner in the project is expecting cost blowouts.

MMX went into notice received at 3:47pm and the stock did not reopen/participate in the closing auction.

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