Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No afternoon sell off today!

The ASX 200 finished up 55.2 points to 4529.5 and it was good to see that for the first afternoon in almost a week that it didn't get sold down!

It meant that the small end of the market saw some risk money coming into it and quite a few winners. I couldn't help but notice yesterday the price and volume spike in C @ Limited (CEO) shares, up almost 18% on 16 million units traded. Yesterday's trading action proved the leaky ship with the company today announcing that coal seams were intersected from two holes drilled at it's Mongolian licences. The stock was up 33%.

Energio Limited (EIO) also had good gains today with it's shares up $0.005 to $0.036 on 17.6 million units. News flow should be good in the next few weeks with samples from it's Agbaja Plateau due. Anticipation of these results could enable a short term trade in the lead up.

Finally, the share price drop in Vmoto Limited (VMT) has been arrested after the ASX issued a (reverse) speeding ticket enquiring as to why the price had dropped from $0.022 to $0.015 from Monday to Tuesday. The company could provide no explanation and based on that the market assumed there is no bad news around the corner and marked the price up.

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