Thursday, October 7, 2010

Toro Energy trending up

Uranium stocks are ones that have been out of favour for a while now.  The big boys such as Paladin Energy (PDN) and Energy Resources (ERA) have been trending downwards and sideways respectively whilst uranium spot and contract prices have also been doing the same.  Despite this something appears to be going on behind the scenes with Toro Energy (TOE) if the trading in its shares are anything to go on.

I briefly mentioned Toro Energy in a post at the end of August and was impressed with an article that covered the company in the Australian Financial Review.  At the time the shares were trading at $0.099.  Since this time they have bobbled up and down however trading in the last couple of days has caught my eye.  At 3pm AEST the shares are up $0.015 to $0.13 on volume of 13.7 million and these kind of volumes haven't been seen since January this year.  I believe some form of good news is around the corner.

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