Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stocks to watch today

*Gunson Resources (GUN) - Very good volumes traded the last 3 days with levels not seen since January this year.  Buyers have been strong and the stock closed at $0.12 yesterday after hitting a high of $0.14.  GUN hired a corporate advisor a few months ago to assist with seeking offtake partners and funding for it's flagship Coburn Zircon Project.  Trading suggests a deal may be around the corner.

*Curnamona Energy (CUY) - Again, another stock with volumes traded that havent been seen for a long time.  The stock has come up from $0.18 close on Friday to $0.23 yesterday and has a tight share register.  I'm unsure what is pushing this uranium junior.

*African Energy (AFR) - I've been following this one for a few weeks now.  There's been plenty of big buyers around for some time now and it appears that the company is getting a re-rating due to it's Sese coal project in Botswana, that or theres quite a few speculators getting on board in the lead up to drill results to be released soon for this project.

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