Monday, April 30, 2012

Graphite Frenzy!

In the past there has been uranium and rare earths, today the latest craze is graphite stocks.  Diggers & Drillers has been a publication that has always been a bit of a market mover but last weeks edition has really captured the attention of the market.  I would never reproduce a copy of a research report for legal reasons however one of the stocks mentioned (Syrah Resources - SYR) has uploaded the report 'Welcome to the World of Strategic Mineral Investing' to their website and here is the link.  The report recommended Syrah Resources and included a table of other graphite stocks including:

Archer Exploration AXE
Castle Minerals CDT
Lincoln Minerals LML
Malagasy MGY
Strategic Energy SER
Talga Limited TLG

A quick scan of these stocks today shows that most were up about 20% and very strong.

I don't usually blow my own trumpet and don't necessarily think that I am by saying this, but it was really interesting to look back at a post that I made over one year ago referring to Graphite.  SER was trading at $0.10 pre ex entitlement to Tarcoola shares.  Funnily enough, I also posted about SYR at the start of February when it was at just over $0.40!

I'm not making any recommendations in this post but merely pointing those to the Diggers & Drillers report that haven't read it and reflecting on previous posts.


  1. MGY posted very interesting quarterly activities report after hours. Should see more upside in coming days.

  2. Just wait till the drill results for SYR come out...the market is in for a shock imo.

  3. Hmm, going to see some huge upside to this story i believe - investors are looking for something/anything positive to cling too and whats unfolding here seems amazing.

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