Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Market Action Today

The market got hit today with the ASX 200 dropping 37 points to 4225.7. Fairfax Media (FXJ) jumped $0.075 to $0.815 after it was revealed that Gina Rinehard grabbed another 10% of the company. The stock had a massive turnover of over 226 million units. Questions are being raised as to whether she is trying to take control of the company to promote her political and resources views via content.
The market may have gone down today but there was still no stopping Maverick Drilling (MAD) and Syrah Resources (SYR). Take a look at their amazing charts below:

MAD has doubled since being mentioned in the The Motley Fool email recently however encountering oil in the first test well at their Boling Dome Field has helped it on it's way. I'm none the wiser on SYR however it's other graphite counterpart Strategic Energy (SER) has been also been strong of late with investors taking positions before the ex-date is announced on distribution of Mega Graphite shares.

Mantle Mining Corp (MNM) continued to strengthen since I first posted on it on 19/01/2012. Today the stock closed up $0.011 to $0.105 on healthy volume of 4.5 million shares. Watching the stock today the market depth has been improving. The stock just needs to break that wall of sellers at $0.105 (2,148,467 shares) and then it will be very interesting.

Finally, the most promising stock that came up on my trusty scan today was Pan Asia Corp Ltd (PZC). The stock traded 1.5 million shares and increased $0.03 to $0.145. I've seen this stock be a bit of a leaky ship before price sensitive announcements in the past.

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