Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Works! - Coretrack Limited Technology

Coretrack Limited (CKK) shareholders have suffered a bit this year with the company share price on a steady downward trend.  The share price hit a rolling year low of $0.071 last month but today shareholders received some excellent news.

The company is focusing on developing it's Core Level Recorder System (CLRS) technology which is used when drilling holes for oil and gas.  Basically, the technology sends a signal to the surface advising the driller if the sample being collected has been jammed in the hole.  This can result in significant cost savings because as it stands if the driller suspects that sample has been jammed he/she can only remove the drill and check or take a punt and continue to drill deeper.  With drigs in short supply and the equipment expensive, the use of this technology could go a long way in solving the problem explained.

Today, the company claimed that the technology managed to measure core intake for the entire drill hole at the Noblige 2 deep water well operated by Woodsie Petroleum (WPL).  Whilst this is early days and only one trial this is a big step for the company in proving it's technology.

CKK shares finished up $0.012 to $0.105 on 2.5million units traded.

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