Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TPL Corporation: Uncanny Resemblance to TVN Corporation

TVN Corporation (TVN) was one company that I covered in my ASX Shell Play series back in February this year.  I was sceptical of the possible future returns and the stock price at the time was a measly $0.011.  A lot can happen in a few months.  Since mentioning the company it has managed to enter into an options agreement to acquire the Nurrst Thermal Coal project in Mongolia, sink a drill and hit a significant intercept.  The share price last traded at $0.071, up 27% today on 133 million units.  It's a popular stock, no doubt, with plenty of investors having made excellent returns.

Today I managed to come across TPL Corporation (TPL) which has striking similarities.  The similarities almost make me wonder if TPL is a no brainer?
TPL has an internet based business in the form of Total Hits, much like TVN has it's own internet marketing business however I don't think that we will be hearing much more of these bussinesses going forward (take a look at the TVN retail store, what a basket case!).  Both companies also share the same address and personnel being Hugh Warner and Neil Hackett. I am pretty sure that the two companies would be sharing information.  TPL has made it it's intensions clear by stating 'TPL is also pursuing a strategy of evaluating and targeting potential high quality coal assets for acquisition in Mongolia.'

TVN currently has a market capitilisation of $33 million compared to TPL's $12 million.  TPL today closed at $0.023.

I believe that those that have realised excellent profits on TVN will naturally switch these funds to it's little brother TPL awaiting the next project to be vended into TPL.  Don't forget - Mongolia is the place to be!

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