Thursday, February 24, 2011

EU List of Critical Raw Materials

As an investor that focuses mainly on the small to mid cap resources part of the market I am quite often using a top down approach to finding stocks to invest in.  This involves seeking the latest trends that may result in demand in a particular resource increasing or supplies decreasing possibly due to disruptions to mines etc.  A recent example of this includes the focus on oil stocks as a result of the current Middle East crisis, however I do prefer trying to discover which will be the next obscure hot metal!

One list that I have been working from lately is the Europa 14 critical mineral raw materials list which lists minerals and metals which are considered critical especially from a supply shortage perspective.

Whilst the report has been out for some time it is a good starting point for research purposes.  Rare earths has been well covered so I am hoping to take a look at a few companies with an exposure to the other metals listed in the report share this with you soon.

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