Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CuDeco bounces

CuDeco Limited (CDU) has bounced and seems set to finish on it's high for the day.  At 3:30pm AEST the shares are up $0.545 (32%) to $2.25.  The company share price has been bruised and battered and fallen from over $5 in a bit over a week especially since announcing the Rocklands Resource update on 18/08/2010.  In what was a disorganised attempt at an announcement and to arrest the share price slide CuDeco made clarifications, further clarifications and a press release too.

Finally, poor shareholders that have lost a lot lately have had some losses erased with the rebound in shares today after a letter from Sinosteel (partners in the project) to CuDeco showing continual support for the project was released to the ASX.

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